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SET 4-16 CONFLICT by Redfitz

6 episodes with photographers taking us behind the lens and into their lives.




Wherever you have people living in environments that they perceive to be hostile (real or imagined), you have an obsession with guns

Pete Muller








The army call the day you get injured an “alive day” – because it’s a rebirth.

Joao Silva








I want women to understand: if you don’t get out, you’re going to have to kill him – or he’s going to kill you.

Donna Ferrato









I have this privilege to see humanity at its best and at its worse and everything in between.

Nicole Tung









The world is a brutally unfair place and I think that sense of moral outrage has driven much of my work.

Robin Hammond










I realized quickly that the world doesn’t want to be changed. Our pictures don’t really change anything, so let’s not pretend that they do.

Eros Hoagland