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SET 3-17 Music with a 20% extra tariff

A new episode of Esteban’s music week. When music becomes militant.


Text, playlist, and comments by Esteban:


Donald Trump’s spokesman declared that, in order to pay the wall that will divide the Mexican-American border, Mexican goods will be taxed with a 20% tariff. Considering this controversial measure, I would say that Mexican music will be more “expensive” from now on. Here is a playlist of songs developed south of the Rio Grande River, for you to evaluate if the quality is good enough in its new cost-benefit.


Against los Donal Tromps: “La Song Bomb” by El Gran Silencio (Cumbia Music Selecta from Monterrey)




Mexican indie rock is now accepted by more Mexicans, as stupid as it sounds, it’s real. Here is Los Daniels feat. Natalia Lafourcade with their hit “Quisiera Saber”.





A song dedicated to my wife, she’s the best part of my own Mexico. It’s Mexico City’s band La Gusana Ciega performing “Tornasol”. This was originally a band that played at pubs and bars in the eighties and early nineties and now they are a must see at big rock festivals.






Fresh Pop Music from the place where I was born. From Puebla’s university environment, I recently discovered Beta, a band which will be performing at Vive Latino Festival 2017 (@ Mexico City). This is one their first singles “Aire”.





I consider Guadalajara a place for great music, here is an electronic song highly enjoyable. Telefunka’s “Zenith”.






Again from Guadalajara but going back to the eighties. There was a group of musicians from all over the country that conformed a record label named Comrock. This song is all about my early youth, good hard rock played in English by Mexican rockers: The band Mask playing a song inspired by the book The Little Prince of Saint-Exupery – “The Fox”.





A renown quality – classic rock band from Mexico would be unthinkable back in the eighties. Now I had to decide which one to pick for this playlist. I chose Café Tacuba from the State of Mexico, and their song “Volver a Comenzar”.