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SET 3-16 HUMAN NATURE curated by Piol

a guest set curated by Piol

Every once in a while, I’ll invite a friend or a family member to curate a set on this channel. This week, it’s Piol’s turn and he’s curating a set entitled HUMAN NATURE.

To introduce Piol in few words, he is French, he’s a luthier (he builds stringed instruments) and runs an instrument workshop in Brussels. Like many of my friends, a conversation with Piol can start about music, move into quantum physics, include digressions into Nietzsche and electronics, and end up talking about spirituality and the meaning of life. That’s the kind of guy Piol is, a true Renaissance man. He’s also a huge TED TALKS aficionado.

Let me also say that there is no censorship in these sets curated by guests, their only mission is to make everything fit into a 7-day-set. I don’t interfere in the content, I only relay what they send me. To view the other sets curated by guests, follow the tag “guest sets”.

All comments below are by the curator of the week, Piol!
















Hi everyone,
For our story this week, let’s start from a widely accepted postulate, one that allows us to read this very post, one that allows man to understand and affect some of reality :

The universe is made up of what we agreed to call energy. With or without mass, with or without obvious bonds.

A galaxy, a supernova, a planet, a comet, an asteroid … any kind of celestial object is a fragile or active expression, a core of equilibrium in the organization of this vast field of universal energy.

Exchanges are relentless and each system maintains, transforms or loses the form in which it is, in infinitesimal as well as abysmal time frames.

Among all these systems, man is quite a complex symbiosis. A rather big organized pile of these energy items, that have created knots along the vibrant string of time.

Something is special about consciousness, language, and the homo habilis precious prehension skill :
It allows us to interact with the un-self, , explore creative ways of reorganizing and exchanging energy between : objects (crafts, engineering) , matter (chemistry, physics, biology), thoughts (spirituality, language, art)
















Today we shall try to feel “free will” as the best feedback tool that our body could give us to validate Understanding.
And yes, you can take that last word any way you like : from “what it stands for under the appearance of things” to “sympathetic awareness of somebody else’s patterns”,  “harmonious grip of things” or “mastery”…

The biological answer to the question, « Is, a certain set of Actions related to a certain set of circumstances, more adequate, in order to live ? » may have developed into this efficient feedback loop of cell memory, of memory itself. It allows us to choose/ bet that we’ve recognized/understood some of the pattern that circumstances offer to us. Nature whispers : “You may now act in a “wise” fashion, but never forget to integrate some indetermination to follow your path… remember ! We’re in a helicoidal loop…not a circle” Picture it there :



Control or no control ? That is the question.

Daniel Bennett may balance your views, if you’re interested in free will/moral agents and social constructions.
















Transmission and adaptation is life. Biologically, it takes different forms : reproduction, incremental mutations, contamination, symbiosis… it seems that it always comes down to how far this alters integrity. The degree of integrity rides a wild range of possibilities : disintegration/death, corruption, fragility, self, mingle/merge, unify, fuse… Think of anything you can come up with…
Now : Socially, how do we educate our species into its environment ?















In the continuation of this week’s perspective, science is nothing more than an extension of life, when understood and practiced as depicted in the following video.
The concept of life can’t be thought of as a dogma, and so should science remain.
When the energy of a system is not powerful enough to affect its environment by itself, it is bound to be affected, if not destroyed, by something that can. When lucky, the system evolves, reorganizes and finds itself with a tool that makes up for its lack of power. Our hands, our tools, technology, knowledge make up for our intrinsic weakness. It also gives power to the fool, thus we try to educate.















Now we’re there… As much as any explanation may look like clumsy knowledge, it is only when we meet and communicate that truth emerges. We associate things until we understand and then we state. Things are set as long as no alarm stimulus shakes what’s settled.
Judging the unknown and defending the insecure self is a safe practice for survival, but when confidence is stabilized it turns into a poisonous way of relating. It might be one of the few schizophrenic states that turns out to be effective in connecting with reality.

I know, yet I’m curious. Let’s keep on finding new beginnings, when things are : pure intuition, necessity, essence of art, simple and present.