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musical selection and comments by my cousin from Mexico, Esteban





Escríbeme Pronto – Instituto Mexicano del Sonido (IMS)

“Pedimos que pasen a la pista Mauro y Patricio”. When I got married for the second time, me and my kids along with Majo, planned to make a special dance for that special date. We have listened to millions of minutes of music as we travel together by car along the country. So we picked a song we wanted to dance but never took the time to think how we were going to put it in a four party choreography, since we were only concerned about the rhythm. So once at the dance floor we started moving like fools, until my youngest kid showed up some radical moves, that’s when the real fun began!








Kilómetros – Caligaris

“Si sigo comiendo pizza me voy a transformar en tortuga ninja”. My favorite music festival at Mexico City perhaps is the Vive Latino. It presents a mix of latin and international bands and this combination makes it very diverse and eclectic, shaped to Mexico City’s culture in many senses. Some of the acts which the crowd seek the most are the South American “cumbia villera” bands.. This specific song of the Caligaris is very symbolic for this festival and is also a traditional road song for me and my family..








The Last – Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

“Pinche Takeshi no te entiendo ni madres pero te quiero un chingo”. This phrase is taken from Alfonso Cuaron’s “Solo con tu pareja” movie and it helps to understand the distant relations between Japan and Mexico. This makes The Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra so special. This is another group loved by the Mexican Crowd and yes, they have performed at Vive Latino with great success. I wasn’t really sure to include this specific song since it has nothing to do with the urban-ska style that Mexico Citizens love the most, but my 2 month old baby Santiago seemed to really enjoy it while I was writing this.









Bestia – Hello Seahorse

“Órale!, qué rolón” Mexico City is a night life place indeed. Millions of youngsters (of spirit) go out every night, especially from Thursday to Saturday in search of a good adventure. The playlist for our nights can be any type of rock: pop, electro, urban, hard, and alternative. Here is a band whose sound takes me away to any bar, pub or concert hall in this overpopulated place where I live.








La historia de un minuto o la canción del metro – El Haragán

“Y si gustan cooperar con una moneda que no afecte su economía”. Mexico City’s Metro is very musical, as most of the subway systems that belong to major cities around the world. What I like of our Metro is that it has developed a specific style. Urban rock has marked this mode of transport. There is a song known as “La canción del metro” even though the lyrics talk about a tragic existential story, and says nothing about the Mexican Metro.







Love is a bourgeois construct – Pet Shop Boys

“El contrato del dibujante”. I believe I’ve been a fan of Michael Nyman’s music since always. It isn´t hard to explain my surprise when I found out Maestro Nyman moved to Mexico City. Now I feel a closer follower. My wife even had an encounter with him at a famous downtown Cantina. Here is a 2013 song from the Pet Shop Boys, where they sample Nyman’s astonishing “Chasing Sheep is best left to shepherds”. The video I found includes rare footage of the “The Draughtsman’s Contract”, a Peter Greenaway’s 80´s movie (extraordinary as well)









In Re Don Giovanni – Nyman/McAlmont

“Es el soundtrack de mi vida”. The reason why Michael Nyman’s music is so special to me is unexplainable. Perhaps you just have to listen to it and try to experiment what it makes you feel. Maybe it just fills me up with great memories of my life. This a version of one of my top songs, “In Re Don Giovani”, adapted with the exquisite voice and lyrics of David McAlmont.